Town should leverage Ford Mobility Safety Insights

Improving road safety is Ford Mobility’s goal according to Callahan Coplai, product owner, Safety Insights, and Ananda Palanisamy, head of Mobility Engagement – Midwest US and Canada, who both presented to the Oakville Chamber on the automaker’s Safety Insights platform.  Ford Mobility is a business line within Ford Motor Company that works with cities to better understand their unique challenges and then design targeted solutions that help improve the quality of life for residents. Safety Insights is a data-driven solution that enables municipalities to better understand their transportation system when it comes to traffic flow, congestion, collision hotspots, and multi-modal travel.


The Chamber appreciates the engagement from Councillors Natalia Lishchyna, Janet Haslett-Theall, Sean O’Meara, and Tom Adams who participated in this very important conversation along with senior staff from the Town of Oakville.


The presentation underscored the Chamber’s call to action through its Roadmap for a “Smart” Oakville initiative, urging Town Council to develop an ambitious and visionary innovation strategy that prioritizes transportation mobility and digitization.


Ford Mobility’s Safety Insights Platform enables cities to streamline what can be a costly and time-consuming process of accessing and analyzing transportation data so that decisions surrounding infrastructure projects and road safety improvements are based on best practice data collection and analysis.  This includes the ability to analyze crash data, aggregated and de-identified connected vehicle data, and more – all through a streamlined, automated solution.


Furthermore, the platform’s tools help calculate predictions for potential solutions that forecast the impact on safety and cost savings to the overall economy of installing features like flashing lights, roundabouts, median barriers, speed restrictions, or pedestrian countdowns.


The City of Windsor recently became the first Canadian city to collaborate with Ford Mobility by leveraging the Safety Insights platform. Oakville too should look for opportunities to improve the efficiency and safe movement of people and goods by leveraging data-driven tools.


To that end, the Oakville Chamber will continue to encourage the Town of Oakville to commit to actions to modernize and innovate as part of the Town’s economic health and recovery.


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– Faye Lyons, Vice President of Government Relations & Advocacy



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