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A Roadmap for a "Smart" Oakville

Today, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce launched A Roadmap for a “Smart Oakville”.  The initiative calls on Town Council to develop an Innovation Strategy that prioritizes transportation mobility and digitization.   The Oakville Chamber urges the Town to commit to actions that promote the long-term growth of the digital economy and to modernize policies that encourage investment and innovation throughout the internet eco-system.   Specifically, the Chamber is calling on the Town to:

  1. Prioritize the development of a Town Innovation Strategy that incorporates Digital and Mobility Strategies.
  2. Create a Stakeholder Advisory Committee to establish collaboration between Government, the private sector and academia with the goal to attract investment and leaders in the field.
  3. Create a Town senior position, such as a Chief Digital Officer, to lead the development and implementation of an Innovation Strategy.
  4. Explore opportunities with pilot projects and transportation infrastructure technologies.
“As our communities become more connected through the collection of data, artificial intelligence, and technology, it is vital that we are prepared  for the business climate of the future and that we remain competitive with other jurisdictions. At the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, we believe that digitization, investment in technology and transportation mobility is integral to the growth of our economy. That is why we are urging the Town to develop an innovation strategy” said Drew Redden, President & CEO, Oakville Chamber of Commerce.
  The future efficient movement of both people, goods and services will depend on the effective management of connected infrastructure. As this industry evolves and becomes a reality, it will become a competitive economic advantage for communities that embrace it—and a disadvantage for those that don’t.   “The COVID-19 Pandemic has proven that now is the time to embrace technology and innovation” said Doug Eglington, Chair of the Board, Oakville Chamber of Commerce. “Many of our members, along with businesses across the country and around the world, had to quickly pivot their business models and digitize operation to continue to conduct business.”      

“We look forward to working with Town Council and staff to assist in the creation of their Innovation Strategy, adopting technology, and improving efficiencies. Oakville is fortunate to have a wealth of businesses in the data, innovation, and technology industries. It’s time we utilize that talent to position Oakville as a smart town” said Drew Redden, President & CEO, Oakville Chamber of Commerce.


Read A Roadmap for a “Smart” Oakville.