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Advocacy Campaign: A Roadmap for a “Smart” Oakville

A Roadmap for a “Smart” Oakville.  This initiative urges Town Council to develop an innovation strategy that prioritizes transportation mobility and digitization.   We are very proud of our business community here in Oakville.  Like all businesses, they have had their share of challenges stemming from this pandemic.  However, they have adapted and demonstrated their resilience in many ways, including pivoting their business models in order to remain relevant.   Technology has enabled businesses, governments, healthcare systems, students, and workers to adapt to the turmoil of disruption caused by this pandemic.   The ability for us to adapt so quickly under these unprecedented conditions underscores the critical need for governments to continue to invest in digital technology, innovation, and a connected infrastructure.   Moving forward, as our communities become more connected through the collection of data, artificial intelligence and technology, it is vital that we are prepared for the business climate of the future and that we remain competitive with other jurisdictions.   That’s why, the Chamber is calling on the town to create a senior level position within the Town, such as a Chief Digital Officer, that will oversee the execution of an Innovation Strategy.   This position at the town would be consistent to leadership roles we have seen in neighbouring communities like Burlington, Hamilton, and Mississauga.   Governments at all levels will need to enhance digital connections amongst business, employees, citizens, and government to create an attractive climate for business investment and job creation for economic growth.   The Oakville Chamber is urging the Town of Oakville to commit to actions that promote the long-term growth of the digital economy and modernize policies to encourage investment and innovation throughout the internet ecosystem.   This is critical as part of our Town’s economic recovery.  Now, is the time to embrace technology and the economic benefits that ensue.     – Faye Lyons, Vice President of Government Relations & Advocacy