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Survey Says…… Housing Affordability, Economic Development and Long-Term Municipal Priorities are Top Three Most Pressing Issues for Upcoming Election

By: Faye Lyons, Vice President of Government Relations & Advocacy   As the October 24, 2022, Municipal Election draws near, businesses in Oakville want to know what municipal leaders will do to support a post-pandemic recovery as well as create an environment that is conducive to new investment, talent attraction, and opportunity creation.   In a recent survey conducted by the Chamber, long term municipal priorities were identified by the membership as one of the most pressing issues in the upcoming municipal election. Oakville and its business community are looking for an economic recovery that adapts and evolves to a changed business landscape and that charts a course for economic growth in our community.   Our next municipal government will need to prioritize actions that support Oakville businesses and the local economy.  Attracting and retaining talent and providing affordable housing for employees will continue to be a priority for the Oakville business community.   Consequently, the next Mayor and Council need to work with the business community and support the work of Economic Development to attract the next generation of talent to Oakville. We must advocate for improvements to the immigration process as well as the recognition of international credentials to upper levels of government to respond to the chronic labour shortages we are currently experiencing.   Attracting and retaining new talent to Oakville is of critical importance. By prioritizing the attraction of new talent to Oakville, we can minimize the potential challenges associated with a skills gap when a large portion of our labour force and knowledge base retires. To minimize the impacts of a rapidly aging workforce, the incoming Mayor and Members of Council need to work to attract more people to Oakville as well as provide them with adequate options to live.   Important for this newly elected Town Council to note, Oakville Chamber members have also identified both expanding highway, bridge and road infrastructure as well as ensuring transit improvements as their top transportation improvements.  The Oakville Chamber urges Council to work in tandem with local businesses of all sizes and all sectors of our diverse economy.  Our shared prosperity depends on a strong business community that can innovate, attract new talent and capital, and even expand into new markets.   We at the Oakville Chamber look forward to working with our municipal partners in ensuring that the priorities of the Town are to advance our local economy and ensuring that Oakville is ready for business.