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Oakville needs to be visionary when it comes to a Digital Strategy to remain competitive and promote economic growth

rd, the Oakville Chamber launched its Roadmap to a “Smart” Oakville.  This call to action urged Town Council to develop an innovation strategy that prioritizes transportation mobility and digitization.   Oakville doesn’t have to look far to see what other municipalities are doing in this space that benefit citizens, business and the economy.  Take for example the City of Vaughan, according to Frank DiPalma, the City’s Chief Information Officer, “Like any business, a city has to have a plan of what they really want to be in the future.  As we have in all aspects of business, disruptive technology and the accelerating pace of change are constantly underlying legacy activities.  It is not different for cities.”[1]   Digital transformation is enabling government to modernize services in a way that makes delivery both more efficient and more citizen-centred. Internal digital transformation is key to ensuring citizen-focused services are continuously reviewed for efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.   Services need to be available quickly and easily on-line in a way that is citizen-centred. City information and data needs to be easy to access and understand. Similarly, digital tools and technology can be used to enhance the Town’s ability to deliver services, find efficiencies, and be more proactive and predictive.   The Oakville Chamber is calling on the Town to develop a plan that is citizen focussed, transparent and is open to exploring and understanding emerging concepts, models and technologies such as Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Digital Economies and E-Government.   Furthermore, the Town needs to be committed to ensuring that the entire community has the ability to benefit and compete in this information age. There is a direct link between economic growth and digital literacy.  Public access to high-speed internet today enables citizens and businesses to access new opportunities.   The Oakville Chamber will continue to encourage the Town to be ambitious and visionary when it comes to a digital strategy as well as engage the business community in an effort to remain competitive and promote economic growth.   – Faye Lyons, Vice President of Government Relations & Advocacy  

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