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A Blueprint to Bolster Ontario’s Prosperity

By: Faye Lyons, Vice President of Government Relations & Advocacy   Despite the headwinds created by the pandemic, record high inflation, supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and geopolitical turmoil, businesses have endeavored to mobilize, stabilize and return to work.  The need for measures that support business confidence and predictability, encourage economic growth, and build resilient communities are paramount as our Provincial government enters into its second mandate.   To that end, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released its Blueprint to Bolster Ontario’s Prosperity.  This document includes a letter to each provincial cabinet minister outlining key policy priorities and calling for policies that create the right conditions to support competitiveness, productivity, and growth.   Some key highlights and priorities of Oakville Chamber listed in the Blueprint include addressing Ontario’s labour market challenges by boosting immigration, removing barriers to labour mobility and introducing workforce development strategies for key sectors such as construction, health care, tourism, and hospitality, and transportation.   The current challenges faced by the business community are only augmented by additional red tape.  We will continue to press the government to focus on reducing the administrative burden on business and ensuring that regulation is streamlined and effective.   Success for employers lies in attracting and retaining talent.  This is underscored in Oakville by the challenges in both commuting to work as well as the ability to live where we work.  Accordingly, our elected officials will need to work collaboratively to advance regional transportation connectivity and fare integration as well as propelling housing affordability through increased supply and regulatory reforms.   Finally, planning for Ontario’s long-term energy needs to ensure businesses and residents continue to have access to reliable, clean, and affordable energy for generations to come.   Our province is strongest when government supports the right conditions for businesses to thrive. The Oakville Chamber will continue to work with our elected officials on creating a strong business environment through public policies that will bolster Ontario’s prosperity.