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Oakville Chamber Hits Membership Milestone

The Oakville Record-Star: Business Men Organize to Promote Area

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce its membership has grown to over 1,200 companies. Collectively Oakville Chamber members employ more than 40,000 people. Among the top five Chambers of Commerce or Boards of Trade in Ontario, the Oakville Chamber is one of the largest associations of any kinds in Oakville.

“We are delighted to reach this milestone of 1,200 members. It shows the value the Oakville Chamber brings to Oakville businesses. We look forward to continuing to represent the growing voice of the business community” stated Caroline Hughes, Chair of the Board, Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

In September of 1949, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce (then named the Oakville-Trafalgar Chamber of Commerce) was incorporated under the federal Boards of Trade Act. The Oakville Chamber made headlines in 1953 when over one hundred “Business Men Organize[d] to Promote Area.” At the meeting 59 applications for membership were received! (See article to the right).  

Since those early days, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce has grown and evolved to become the voice of the Oakville business community. Through providing advocacy, corporate benefits, networking opportunities, events, business development and educational forums, the Oakville Chamber works to foster a healthy, engaged, and sustainable business environment and economy in Oakville.  

It is not just the Oakville Chamber that has evolved over the past 68 years, but our society has evolved as well. One major change is Oakville’s population; the population in 1949 was 11,952, whereas today it is over 190,000!

Another noticeable change that is evident in the 1953 article is the involvement of women in business. Back in 1949, it was business men that created and supported the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. Today, we have many successful business women contributing to our economy and the Chamber. In fact, five of the past 10 Oakville Chamber Board Chairs have been women. Not only did they lead the Oakville Chamber to success, but they have been leaders in their respective industries, including finance, hospitality, marketing and advanced manufacturing.

The article below was published in September of 1953 in The Oakville Record-Star, the predecessor of today’s The Oakville Beaver. It mentions that the majority of Chamber Members at that time were in the commercial and industrial sectors. Today the Oakville Chamber has a diverse membership with members in the professional and financial services, digital media, life science, advanced manufacturing, hospitality, engineering, retail, real estate, arts and education.

To celebrate their diverse membership, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce launched the “I’m A Member Because” community campaign. The campaign was created by members, with members, for members. It features two videos and a series Chamber Members stating the reason their Chamber membership is important.

 A special thank you to Media Rez Studios for producing the video, and Fotografia Boutique for photographing the members. You can view the videos before every movie this summer at Film.Ca Cinemas, on CogecoTV, and on Intrigue Media screens throughout Oakville. You can also follow the campaign on the Oakville Chamber’s social media channels. Oakville Chamber members can join the campaign by sharing why they’re an Oakville Chamber member @oakvillechamber using #ImAMemberBecause.

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce, and our society as a whole, has grown and evolved over the past 68 years. Let’s see what milestones we will achieve by 2085.

To learn more about Chamber benefits, please contact Marc Tremblay, Vice President of Membership Development at 905-845-6613 x 204 or marctremblay@oakvillechamber.com.

Marc Tremblay Vice President of Membership Development Celebrates 1200 membership milestone   Marc Tremblay, VP Membership Development celebrates the 1,200 member milestone!

Oakville Chamber staff Celebrates 1200 membership milestone

Oakville Chamber staff celebrating the milestone: Faye Lyons, Sharon Molloy, Jad  Haffar, Marc Tremblay, France Fournier, Karen Pomfret and John Sawyer.