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Oakville Chamber and Canadian Chamber welcome revised tax reforms and lower small business tax rate, but remain concerned  

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce welcome the government’s plans to revise its proposed tax reforms and to reduce the small business tax rate as a result of the comments and concerns expressed through the national #ProtectGrowth campaign and in consultations.

“Oakville Chamber members are extremely concerned with the proposed changes by the federal government.  On behalf of our members the Chamber met with our local MPs Pam Damoff, MP Oakville North Burlington and John Oliver, MP Oakville.  We trust that our voices have been heard and that our local representatives will continue to advocate on behalf of their community on these critical changes that will impact Oakville businesses and the economy” said John Sawyer, President, Oakville Chamber of Commerce. 

As Canadians celebrate Small Business Week, Chamber representatives congratulate the thousands of businesspeople who joined the mobilization and made their voices heard on this important issue affecting Canadian workers and employers.

The Oakville Chamber also noted the Minister’s call for further input from Canadian businesses, and intends to continue providing a voice to ensure the tax system is simpler and less of a burden on Canada’s competitiveness.

“It is always more productive when government and business work together. We can only hope the government will listen as we provide advice on those areas where more remains to be done, and that they will propose concrete data to back up their claims. The Canadian Chamber will be working with the Oakville Chamber and other Chambers across the country for suggestions on reforms that can improve the competitiveness of Canada’s tax system. Lowering the small business tax rate is one such measure, but there is still much room for improvement,” Mr. Beatty said.  “We must ensure that Canada, and with it Oakville, remain attractive places to do business. Although there is a great deal of work to be done, today’s announcement is a positive first step, but we expect more and we will be vigilant on the next steps,” he concluded.

Oakville Chamber Celebrates Small Business Week with Local Entrepreneur Randy Pilon

 Randy Pilon Virox TechnologiesThe Oakville Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada, is pleased to present Randy Pilon, Founder and President/CEO of Virox Technologies Inc., as the keynote speaker for the Small Business Week Kick-off Breakfast on Monday, October 16.

Local entrepreneur and Sheridan Alumni Randy Pilon founded Virox Technologies Inc. in 1998, a company with a patented technology in the disinfection and sterilization market. Virox has appeared in Profit Magazines “Companies to Watch “rankings in addition to feature stories in The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail and National Post and Report on Business Television.

In 2005, Randy received the Oakville Awards for Business Excellence Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Randy was also a “Python” on the Pythons Pit Television show that first aired in 2013 and again in 2014. In October 2014 the Pilon family made a significant donation to Sheridan College to support the expansion of the business school and as such was named the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan.

“We are thrilled to have Randy Pilon speak during Small Business Week” says Ken Nevar, Chair of the Board, Oakville Chamber of Commerce. “I look forward to hearing the compelling journey of this local entrepreneur. Randy will share his thoughts on growing Virox Technologies Inc., overcoming challenges and lessons learned along the way. I’m sure the audience of small business owners and professionals will leave the breakfast truly inspired.”

Additional events to celebrate Oakville’s community of entrepreneurs include the Business After Hours and Trade Show on Wednesday, October 11 and a Lunch & Learn on Friday, October 20 where Senior Communications Advisor senior communications advisor Jim Gray will speak about how to deliver your message messages clearly and effectively, in tough circumstances, for the best results.

According to BDC, small and medium sized companies make up 99.8% of all businesses in Canada and one in ten Canadians own a business. This is the 26th year the Oakville Chamber of Commerce has celebrated Small Business Week by offering opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn from experts and network with like-minded professionals and potential clients.  

The BDC Small Business Week schedule of events is as follows:

Small Business Week Business After Hours and Trade Show
Wednesday, October 11
5:00pm – 8:00pm
Oakville Conference Centre
2515 Wyecroft Road, Oakville

No registration required, unless registering as an exhibitor. Complimentary to Members and first-time guests. Returning guests $20 at the door. Learn more.

Kick Off Breakfast with Randy Pilon, BA, MBA, ICD.D
Founder and President/CEO Virox Technologies Inc.
Monday, October 16
8:00am – 9:30am
Oakville Conference Centre
2515 Wyecroft Road, Oakville

Pre-registration required. Tickets are $35 Members; $45 Non-members. Tables of 8 are available. Register now!
View the slides from Randy Pilon’s Presentation

Lunch & Learn: How to Communicate Like a Leader in Difficult Situations
Presented by Jim Gray, Principal, Jim Gray and Associates Inc.
Friday, October 20
11:30am – 1:00pm
Oakville Conference Centre
2515 Wyecroft Road, Oakville

Pre-registration required. Tickets are $35 Members; $45 Non-members. Tables of 8 are available. Register now!

Chamber members and non-members are welcome to register and attend all Small Business Week events. 

Join the conversation using #SBWoakville2017

About BDC Small Business Week 2017TM

This year, BDC Small Business Week is looking toward the future to uncover emerging trends that will shape and grow Canadian businesses in the years to come.

From the emerging digital technologies that are redefining ways of doing business, to shifting demographic trends marked by an aging population, and an increasingly diversified and skilled labour force, Canada’s business landscape is changing in profound and unprecedented ways across all industries.

Join BDC at over 300 events across the country to celebrate Canadian entrepreneurship, and find out how you can start adapting your business to tomorrow’s trends today.

To learn more about BDC Small Business Week and BDC, visit www.bdc.ca

The Success of Small Business Will Determine the Success of Ontario’s Economy


The latest report by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce  highlights the contributions of small businesses to the provincial economy, while also identifying, and offering solutions to, the most pressing challenges that small business owners face. The report’s recommendations are the result of detailed consultations over the course of six months held by 25 chambers of commerce and boards of trade with hundreds of small business owners throughout the province as part of the Ontario Chamber Network’s Small Business Too Big To Ignore campaign. The campaign revealed that the three major barriers that small businesses face are Business Education Tax (BET) rate reductions, a lack of access to the workers employers need, and government funding alignment on infrastructure projects. “In Oakville, local businesses are working hard to expand their operations, however they are facing some big obstacles including the rising cost of doing business in Ontario,” said Caroline Hughes, Chair of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. “The results of our 2016 Advocacy Survey showed that our members find rising costs to be the most significant factor impacting business and industry. Additionally, 64% of respondents believe that traffic congestion for getting staff to work is a significant obstacle for business, and almost 70% of respondents believe that current regulations are unreasonable and excessive. It is critical that regional governments work with the provincial and federal government to ensure that investments and programs are targeted to reduce operational costs and to support business growth in our region,” added Hughes. The report also highlights that businesses with fewer than 100 employees make up 98 percent of total Ontario businesses and two-thirds of private sector employment in Ontario. They contribute approximately 28 percent to the provincial GDP and created 87.7 percent of the new jobs nationally from 2005 to 2012. Given the significance of small businesses to the provincial economy, the Ontario Chamber Network urges the government to take immediate action to implement the following three recommendations in the near term:
  1. Continue the scheduled Business Education Tax (BET) rate reductions
  2. Develop a single access point for all government-funded workforce, training, and employment services.
  3. Have all three levels of government commit coordinated infrastructure dollars to connect all Ontario businesses to the 21st century global economy.
“Small businesses in Ontario are being held back by a diverse set of challenges that need to be addressed by all three levels of government.” said Allan O’Dette, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “We are encouraging the provincial government to implement our report’s recommendations so that we can ensure that our economy will have sustained economic growth for many years to come.” added O’Dette. The Oakville Chamber of Commerce, along with the Ontario Chamber Network, encourages the provincial government to work closely with the employer community to implement the recommendations in the report. These recommendations will feature prominently in the Ontario Chamber Network’s advocacy work leading up to the 2018 provincial election. At that time, the advocacy organization will evaluate the political platforms of each party with a particular consideration as to how their campaign commitments align with the interests of small business owners in Ontario. Read the report: Obstacles and Opportunities for Small Business in Ontario